XL 100 Pro

   XL 400FT MFP

For almost 100 years, KORSCH is the global leader in tablet compression technology, offering the most innovative product line for development, scale-up and automated production applications. KORSCH supplies tablet presses to the Pharmaceutical industry, Detergent, Chemical, Battery, Food and Sweet as well as the Nutraceutical industry..

  • Single Punch Research Tablet Press
  • Data Acquisition and Analysis
  • XL Rotary Tablet Presses
  • TRP Series for Industrial Operation
  • High Speed, Fully Automated Production
  • Multi-Layer Technology Including Bi-Layer, Tri-Layer,Four-Layer, and Five-Layer
  • Wash-in-Place and High Containment Technology

Breitenbachstrasse 1
13509 Berlin
Tel: +49 30435 76176
Web: www.korsch.de

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